Melissa Goodwin Campaign


The 3rd Court of Appeals is an appellate court responsible for reviewing decisions of criminal and civil trial courts throughout the 24 counties it serves.  For more information on the 3rd Court of Appeals, its jurisdiction, and the counties it serves, please click here.  If you are already familiar with the 3rd Court, and want to learn more about me, then please feel free to explore my website.  If you are looking for a way to contact me, please click here

I am in my fourth year as Justice on the 3rd Court of Appeals and I couldn't feel more blessed to have this opportunity to serve.   As a former District Court Judge and Justice of the Peace, I presided over thousands of civil, criminal juvenile and administrative cases.  While the facts of these cases have differed greatly, I have always been guided by principles firmly rooted in the U. S. Constitution and Texas Law.  I endeavored to strictly apply those laws to the unique facts of each case.  To this day, I remain committed to assuring that each case is considered under the Constitution and Laws of the State of Texas, and to never legislate from the bench.   

I thank you for this opportunity to serve as Justice for the 3rd Court of Appeals.   I want to assure you that I will continue my commitment to preserve the integrity of the Texas Judiciary.  I will be guided, as I have in my past experience, by the Constitution and Laws of this country and this great State. 




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